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Tax Talk with Pat Crowley

Published by Bob Gustafson

Tax Talk with Pat Crowley

Bob interviews Pat Crowley, a principal of Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley, Inc., a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Massachusetts, about the tax topics that are top of mind for most consumers and business owners. Patrick is recognized throughout New England for his special expertise in the tax controversy process.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What if you get audited?
  • Why you should never represent yourself with the IRS when audited?
  • Is there a higher probability of an audit if you do your taxes yourself?
  • What are audit triggers?
  • Should you do your own returns?
  • How does the recent IRS scandal affect the agency?

Listen to the discussion:

Tax Talk – Part 1

Tax Talk – Part 2

Tax Talk – Part 3

Tax Talk – Part 4