Rise of a Different Kind of CPA

“We live in extraordinary times, and we need to evolve as a profession. Futurists say that the rate of change will be almost incomprehensible, and the implications are incredible as well. This comes home to roost in our profession.” – Barry Melancon (2017 AICPA ENGAGE conference)
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How Small CPA Firms Can Compete and Increase Enterprise Value in an Ever-changing Landscape

Competition is getting stronger for basic tax and accounting services and the landscape is rapidly changing. In order to compete and add value to their firms, many CPA firms have broadened their offerings to include other business advisory and consulting services for their clients.

By doing so, they strengthen their relationship with clients as a trusted advisor, helping them in other areas such as business, succession, retirement, investment, estate and insurance planning.

Offering these services however, is a complex decision because of the breadth of expertise required. But the very nature of your relationship with your clients is what enables you to offer these services as an additional line of business.

There are many benefits of expanding your service offerings to include more business and financial consulting:

Creates deeper relationships

Improves client retention

Provides additional revenue streams

Produces higher income and valuation levels

Attracts new clients due to the breadth of services

Increases professional and client referrals

Helps attract talent