Investment Philosophy

Our Complete Approach to Definitive Wealth Management

Proper long term wealth management will bring a wide range of opportunities, as well as diverse financial challenges. Common sense tells us that such a broad and complex plan requires a holistic strategy and approach. Comprehensive financial planning is the complete approach to addressing our client's entire financial lives. Our investment philosophy, therefore, is that comprehensive financial planning is the only solution that can provide our clients with sound, definitive wealth management they require and, quite frankly, deserve.

Why Triton Financial

At Triton Financial, we are defined by core principals that will not be compromised under any circumstances. From time to time, we are told by some that our commitment to eliminating financial conflicts is "overkill". Interestingly, these comments have never come from clients.

  • Competency: Requiring the highest standards of proficiency in the industry.
  • Comprehensive: Practicing a holistic approach to financial planning.
  • Compensation: Using a Fee-Based model that facilitates objective advice.
  • Client-centered: Committing to a fiduciary relationship that ensures the client's interest is always first.
  • Complete Disclosure: Providing an explanation of fees and potential conflicts of interest.

How We Work

Through the use of well-defined asset allocation models, we are able to assist our clients to confidently achieve specific objectives. Tax efficiency, diversification of risk, enhanced financial security and optimizing return potential are all hallmarks of our wealth management services.

Our investment strategy is based on the science of investing built upon decades of academic research and institutional application. Our portfolios are designed to accomplish one single task – to meet or exceed the predefined portfolio benchmark while minimizing risk through prudent diversification. Our philosophy is firmly grounded in both Efficient-Market Hypothesis (EMH) and Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT).

Contrary to what Wall Street would like you to believe, market timing and regular portfolio turnover add very little, if any, return to a portfolio. In fact, a considerable amount of research has shown, in many instances it detracts from overall portfolio returns. At Triton Financial, we do not follow the latest investment fads, chase performance or engage in emotion-based trading in our clients’ portfolios. All of these activities will significantly reduce the probability of delivering the risk-adjusted returns that are there for the disciplined, steadfast investors – and their advisors – who stay the course.

Long term financial success does not happen by accident nor will it happen on its own. It requires customized planning and frequent review that only comes from the services of a competent and unconflicted advisory firm. Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation introductory consultation. It’s your family. It’s your money. It’s your future. It’s your responsibility.

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