Business Succession Plan

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What is a business succession plan?

The strategic process to enable the successful transfer of ownership of your business when you fully retire, semi-retire, become disabled, die or simply desire to move onto the next challenge in life. It should define what you need to do to maximize the enterprise value of your business or pave the way to a seamless transition to the next generation.

Small businesses often don’t have a succession plan

According to Forbes, only 42% of small business owners have a succession plan. Many ignore this need until they experience a health scare or burn-out.

A succession plan helps you to smoothly exit a business, but is often overlooked.

The process is complicated, expensive, requires diverse expertise that you may not have and can take significant time and energy to accomplish.

For those who create and implement a structured process to ready their business often receive significantly more money for their business than they otherwise would have without a detailed plan. But the process is complicated, expensive, requires diverse expertise that you may not have and can take significant time and energy to accomplish.
How we can help

Our unique approach to succession planning

Succession planning includes both personal and business perspectives


Determine how much you will need to net from the sale of the business to maintain your lifestyle. There is a lot that goes into answering this question and most business owners don’t consider the magnitude. 


Using the information from your personal financial needs, we calculate how much you will need to grow the business from its current value to make it worth what you need. This helps us determine the investment you will need to make to get you to your goal.

Team of Advisors

Access to a multidisciplinary team of business advisors to assist in developing the plan and provide guidance across a spectrum of financial and operational areas. Your exit strategy will contain milestones in order to successfully grow your business. This strategy will guide your activities for years so that you and your business are ready when the time comes. Review your plan annually with your team of advisors to ensure you are still heading in the right direction.

The Triton Financial Group has decades of experience in helping business owners navigate this complex and sometimes overwhelming process. Our unique process ensures you are prepared financially and emotionally. Triton and its team of experts will be your trusted partner in making this work for you. Our professionals can assist when needed and will integrate with other professionals you may already have on your team.
If you’d like to learn more about business succession planning or our unique approach to ensuring you’re prepared, set up a complimentary consultation.