Teach Your Children about Money

How important is it to teach your children about money? Great question which also pertains to our previous post regarding celebrity bankruptcies. Listen to the discussion https://tritonfinancialgroup.com/audio/teachchildrenaboutmoney.mp3

Long Term Disability Insurance

Question: I just started a new job and one of the benefits is long term disability. I can choose to pay for it or the company will pay for it. Why would I want to pay for it? The answer may surprise you. Listen to the discussion https://tritonfinancialgroup.com/audio/longtermdisability.mp3

Using Real Estate to Fund Education

A listener asked if they gift money to their daughter for her wedding as a down payment for a home, is there was a way to protect their money in the event of a divorce? Listen to the discussion https://tritonfinancialgroup.com/audio/giftmoneywedding.mp3

Investments and Tax Returns

One listener wants to know how to figure the cost basis for investments when doing their tax returns. Listen to the discussion https://tritonfinancialgroup.com/audio/costbasisinvestments.mp3