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Robert (Bob) Gustafson is a Certified Financial Planner® with over 25 years of experience in the securities industry. Bob continually updates his knowledge in the many facets of the financial industry, including securities, insurance, taxes, and other areas that affect your financial portfolio.

In 1995, Bob founded Triton Financial (formerly RKG Financial), an independent Financial Planning and Investment firm based in Marlborough Massachusetts. The goal of this firm is to become indispensable in helping clients make smart financial decisions through highly personalized service, trust and integrity. To achieve this goal, it requires that I have a wide range of skills and expertise in many areas including portfolio management, insurance planning, tax management, estate planning and other critical related areas.

Robert Gustafson, Certified Financial Planner & Registered Investment Advisor

Prior to starting the firm Bob was an advisor with American Express Financial Advisors and previously worked with J. W. Gant Investment Bankers of La Jolla, California.

Bob was recognized by the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce as the 2012 Business Person of the Year.

Bob currently serves on the executive board of directors for the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board of Directors of Thrive Support and Advocacy. He is a past member of the board of directors for the Northern New England chapter for the Financial Planning Association.

Bob is a founding member of First Beacon Business Advisory Group, a management consulting firm comprised of a diverse and experienced group of business consultants all of whom are widely recognized in their respective areas of expertise. The firm was established with the goal of offering a comprehensive solution for all of your key advisory related needs.

Bob hosts a weekly financial show called Financial Spotlight on WCRN True Talk Radio 830 discussing various topics relating to the state of the economy, world markets and other important issues that affect the residents of Massachusetts. Listen to some of the highlights of the show in the blog.


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Bob and his wife Karen feel that it is incredibly important to give back to the community and to that end, they generously donate to a variety of different charities. With the help of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce, Bob and Karen are setting up a foundation that will work to help people who want to adopt a child but cannot afford to do so. Adoption is a very expensive endeavor and there are many people who would love nothing more than to provide a home but lack the initial investment required to make it happen.

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Bob Gustafson, RKG Financial

Listen to Bob live on his weekly radio show every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. on WCRN AM 830.

Or listen to excerpts from the show via the Financial Focus blog.

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